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NASA: "Ingenuity" Helicopter to Debut on Mars as Early as April 11

NASA: "Ingenuity" Helicopter to Debut on Mars as Early as April 11


China News Service, April 7th. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that the "Ingenuity" helicopter will not make its first test flight on Mars earlier than April 11. This is also the first time it has been on another planet. Perform power control flight.


Report says the helicopter will rise to an altitude of about 3 meters during the first flight. If successful, subsequent flights will be carried out at an altitude of about 5 meters.


It is reported that if the "Ingenuity" helicopter test flight as scheduled, at about 3:30 am Eastern Time on April 12th, NASA will broadcast live on multiple platforms and major social media accounts to show the "Ingenuity" helicopter team. Analysis of flight test data.


However, the flight date may still change depending on the specific deployment, pre-flight inspection and aircraft location.


Earlier news stated that the "Ingenuity" will fly for the first time around April 8. NASA notified on April 6 that the first flight would be delayed for several days, but did not explain the reason for the delay.


"Ingenuity" arrived on Mars in February as part of the "Perseverance" rover mission. According to NASA's plan, the Mars rover will carefully observe the helicopter test situation and forward the images and other information obtained during the test to the earth.

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