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KLT, an excellent roofing nail supplier

KLT, an excellent roofing nail supplier


Roofing nails have a wide range of applications and excellent performance, getting favour in home outfit. But there are many kinds of roofing nails. When actual use, we should choose to use according to the actual needs. Here, we list several use effects of nails in home decoration:

1. Home decoration is mainly based on wood and wall. When furniture and wall are fixed, steel nails are suitable.

2. When the wood and wood are fixed, it is usually still to spray paint the surface of the wood, so it is appropriate to choose the nail. The nail can go directly into the inside of the wood, and the outer layer does not leave the nail head.

3, In the furniture decoration, to fix cloth or soft materials, the fixing effect of straight nails is difficult to control, so we will choose decorative nails with flat nail head, nail head color is diverse and beautiful.

4, Home decoration can not avoid the increase or removal of the wall, then in the use of some fiberboard and gypsum board to choose ring nails, edges have edges, good fixing effect.

Commonly, nails have a flat head at one end and a sharp end at the other, primarily used for fixing or joining.

The common sizes of ordinary nails are:

2 inch: 50 mm

2 inches and a half: 60mm

4 inches: 100 mm

There are many kinds of nails, commonly used are ordinary nails, roofing nails, cement steel nails, headless nails, shoot nails, coil nails. The surface has galvanized, plated copper, etc., choosing depends on actual damand.

In the decoration of the house, although often used roofing nails, but you know how to use, or do you know what kind of roofing nails should be used? Although roofing nails according to the shape, the type is not so much, but their role and effect, you may not really understand.

Our new house in the decoration, we need to pay attention to when playing the wooden structure, usually we will use nails, there are a lot of words with nails. Because there are many kinds of nails, different nails have different ways of using them.

When decorating, all kinds of nails may make it difficult for us to know how to use them. Here I would like to introduce to you the skills of using various nails in home decoration:

1, In the decoration, we want to carry out the fabric and soft fixation, we generally use flat head nails, which can increase the beauty of the fixed, because the nail head surface of the various colors, very good-looking.

2. When we decorate, we will inevitably carry out some wall demolition or wall adding projects. If we want to nail on the wall of the cement and plaster mixture, we need to choose the ring nails for installation.

3. We usually use wood and walls for decoration. When many wooden furniture are fixed to the wall, we need nails, and it is very appropriate to use steel nails at this time.

4. When decorating, we can also fix the wood between the wood. After fixing, we will paint it on it. Thus affecting our decoration effect. At this time, we can choose to shoot nails for fixing, so that no trace, both beautiful and generous.

So, we know that roofing nails have a great role, but it does not necessarily use it, but through the explanation of the role and effect of the roofing nails, we should have a further understanding of this, in the process of decoration and decoration will have a better experience.

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