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Take the lining leather gloves, American section with your thumb in blue leather design, strengthening the cowhide fingertips, cowhide strengthen parts of dorsal metacarpal, white cotton dorsal metacarpal and cuff, palm side and thumb blue leather to strengthen parts, elastic palm back, with a margin in order to protect the thumb and the juncture of leather palm and fingers with cotton lining.

  • Item Description: Durable and flexible, our work glove features a cowhide leather double palm with light safety cuff.
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    Durable and flexible, our work glove features a cowhide leather double palm with light safety cuff.

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    Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Qingdao One dozen per bag, ten dozens per carton. 36*27*67CM 17/16KG

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    1. Polyester/nylon knitting is more breathable, delicate wiring and precise lathe work.
    2. PU dip finger/dip palm design, the lightweight PU coating is not only anti-slip and wear resistant, but also ensures the flexibility of hands.
    3. Light and comfortable, high sensitivity of fingertips, not easy to produce dust, fit hand shape, not easy to slip.
    4. Elastic cuff, easy to wear, not easy to produce hand fatigue. The back of the hand is more breathable without the dip. Application: Suitable for dust-free work, automotive maintenance, electronics industry, building materials, glass processing, quality inspection.
    5. Wear-resistant, anti-puncture performance is strong.

    Choosing a good pair of gloves can make your job easier, so we recommend:
    Gloves should be properly sized. The size is too small to wear uncomfortable, and restrict blood circulation easily cause fatigue; If the size is too large, the operation is not flexible and it is easy to fall off. The selection of gloves should also pay attention to have enough protection. For the environment where the high grade of cutting resistance gloves should be used, the low grade of cutting resistance gloves should not be selected; For the use of the environment only need general anti - cutting, no need to use high-grade anti - cutting gloves. These data can be found on the glove's instruction manual or label. For example, the actual operation of the cut-resistant gloves is not completely cut-proof (cut-proof), only suitable for manual operation of the cutter, knitted fiber gloves cannot resist saw tooth or wave blade.

    The following guidelines are available to extend the life of the product and the budget for hand protection:
    1. The gloves we make safety are easy to clean and remove dust and contaminants.
    2. Gloves of different materials should be washed correctly (we will mark the washing method in the introduction column of each product).
    3. Anti-cutting series, use industrial washing soap or detergent (do not use chemical detergent and bleach).
    4. Wash with warm water, the water temperature should not exceed 50°C.
    5. The washing time should be about 5 minutes.
    6. Bleach with warm water.
    7. If the dirt is especially heavy, it is recommended to soak for 10 minutes, and then wash and bleach repeatedly.
    8. Finally, please bleach in cold water.
    9. Dry in the air.

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