Concrete Self Drilling Screws Self Tapping Screws

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  • Item Description: CONCRETE SCREW
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    Overall Length Per customer' s requirement Package Quantity Per customer' s requirement
    Diameter Per customer' s requirement Package Type Carton, gunny bag, non-woven bag, PP-woven bag, polybag, blister, plastic case, plastic bucket
    Size Per customer' s requirement Package Mark Per customer' s requirement
    Head Type T25/T30 countersunk with rib Weight Varies from sizes
    Thread Type Coarse, fine Product Type Concrete Screw:
    Color/Finish Yellow zinc plated, blue zinc plated Drive Philips
    Material Steel Start Port Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen
    Recommended Environment Interior, exterior System of Measurement Imperial (inch)

    Product Description

    It is a kind of heat-treated product suitable for the construction.

    Self-tapping screws, as the name implies, self-tapping screws are simply screws that can be tapped by themselves. Self tapping screw and general screw distinction is: general screw must have processing good screw hole to screw in. Self - tapping screws are not needed, in the screw at the same time their own tapping. For their own tapping purposes, such screws are generally pointed to facilitate the insertion of the object to be screwed in.

    Concrete Self Drilling Screws Self Tapping Screws3
    Concrete Self Drilling Screws Self Tapping Screws4
    Concrete Self Drilling Screws Self Tapping Screws5

    Detailed Information

    Concrete screws are used in a variety of projects including fixing sill plates, electrical equipment, two by fours, and many other fixtures to masonry.

    1. Self-tapping screw is a kind of screw with a drill bit, through the special power tool construction, drilling, tapping, fixing, locking a complete. Self-tapping screws are mainly used for the connection and fixation of some thin plates, such as the connection of color steel plate and color steel plate, color steel plate, wall beam connection, the penetration capacity is generally not more than 6mm, the maximum is not more than 12mm.

    2.Tapping screw corrosion resistance is strong. Tapping screws have strong corrosion resistance, even if exposed in the wet and cold outdoor, its corrosion resistance is also very significant.

    3. Tapping screws are light in practical operation. The effect of the wooden raw material is relatively soft, without drilling, can also be screwed in.

    4. Self tapping screw self drilling ability. Usually the quality of tapping screws depends on the screw diameter, the number of external threads and the total length of screw rod. Relatively speaking, the screw with more number of external threads has stronger self-drilling ability.

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