Bright or Galvanized Wire Round Common Nail

Short Description:

Wire nails are used for general construction and specifically for framing and other structural work. They have a thick shank, a wide head, and a diamond-shaped point. They are most commonly used with 2 x dimensional lumber. Their thickness makes them strong but also more likely to split wood than when compared to thinner nails. Some carpenters actually dull the nail tip to prevent splitting the wood, though to do so means the tip will tear the wood fibers, thereby slightly reducing the holding power.

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Usage Scenarios

Ordinary homes, factories, construction sites can be used.

Material Style

Material:Q195 or Q235
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Product Production and Quality

The production process of nails is mainly drawing, cold heading, polishing and other technological processes, the production process of nails is relatively simple. The raw material for the production of nails is disc round steel, which is drawn to draw the diameter of the nail rod, and then cold heading, to make the tail and tip of the nail, and then polishing treatment, is the finished product. These procedures can be added if the nail surface needs to be plated or blackened.

Quality Control: We have professional inspection equipment to check the quality of nails.

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Customer Case

Transaction customer feedback: Too many customers have been placing orders for years.

Transaction case presentation: Repeat orders for years.

Other Information

Packing: There are 50 pieces /plastic bag, 100 pieces / plastic bag, 200 plastic bags, 1 kg/carton, 5 kg/carton, 10 kg/carton, 25 kg/carton, 1 kg/plastic bucket, 5 kg/plastic bucket, or as required.

Transport: Normally the transport would be by Sea.

Delivery: We usually deliver the goods within 30 days after the order is confirmed.

Sample: Samples will be provided free of charge, and the post fee will be collected.

After-sales: If you have any problem within 30 days after receiving the goods, please contact us.

Payment and Settlement: 30% payment in advance and the balance payment against the B/L copy within 5 days, or negotiated according to the specific conditions of the order.

Certification: ISO or SGS certification.


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